Corporate Background

Hip Lik Agricultural is an innovative company focused on the clean energy technology advancement and agriculture development.

As a clean energy advocate, as a responsible citizen on this planet, Hip Lik recognized the need to engage more people with clean energy and preserve the resources for generations to come. Global warming is already having significant and harmful effects on our communities, our health, and our climate. It is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Hip Lik's exclusive production line converts biomass into bio-coal through the process of torrefaction. Bio-coal can help to reduce emissions.

Hip Lik's production plants are based in Southeast Asia. In order to meet the global demand, Hip Lik is obligated to set up more production lines rapidly. Hip Lik has specialists on the field geographically and globally, seeking for suitable locations for production plants. The projected volume will grow from 100,000 tons in 2014, 250,000 tons in 2015, then 1,000,000 tons and more in the very near future.

Apart from clean energy technology, Hip Lik is also involved in agriculture development as it is equally important. The group has grown over 1,000 acres of tree plantation in Southeast Asia and East Asia, and is to carry on to the rest of the world.

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