Agriculture Development

Hip Lik believes in "economic development with unlimited supplies of labor". And as a socially responsible company, one of Hip Lik's long-term objectives is agriculture development. Highlighted reasons for agriculture development are to achieve a balanced ecological system for the benefits of mankind and the planet:

  • To help reduce an unbalanced, unstable and unsustainable ecological system.
  • To enhance the quality of environment by modifying the local climate.
  • To absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  • To influence the air temperature and reduce the wind forces hence help in improving the quantity of rainfall.
  • To help control soil erosion.
  • To provide natural environment for wildlife.
  • To implement afforestation on the deforested land. Different species of tree are considered as balanced varieties for plantation.
  • To promote forest regeneration on degraded lands as a tool of environmental restoration.