Bio-coal (Torrefied Wood Pellet)

For some time, thermal coal fired power plants all over the world have been under pressure to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur hexafluoride and other substances. The basic choices for power plant operators reducing polluting emissions include i) using cleaner coal, ii) installing pollution control equipment to trap and sequester emissions, iii) replacing all or part of the thermal coal now used with a renewable fuel, and more.

It would seem that bio-coal is the obvious choice as a clean and sustainable energy. The advantages are in the following:

  • Bio-coal is hydrophobic – it can be stored and handled outdoors and has a longer storage life.
  • Has a favorable ignition, better thermal efficiency, and emits less dust and ash.
  • Releases less sulfur dioxide and generates less ash than coal when combusted.
  • Reduces ash disposal transport.