Hip Lik Team

Hip Lik management team is comprised of world-class innovators and the industry's highest caliber professionals, with a wide range of backgrounds in green energy and plantation.

  • Senior Management

    manage the group, implement policies and strategies, to carry out the accordance with the business principles and objectives.
  • Management

    participate in the day-to-day operations, planning and administrative processes.
  • Technical Professionals

    a) Mechanics build, maintain and enhance machineries.
    b) Specialists research on fieldwork geographically and globally.
    c) Forestry professions develop and implement tree plantation.
  • Research & Development

    a) Engineers work on machinery advancement, bring in new technologies.
    b) Scientists perform research toward a more comprehensive of agriculture, including nursery, forests, and climate change.
    c) Biotechnologists manipulate living organisms to develop biofuels and biocoal.
  • Public Relations

    maintain goodwill of Hip Lik's various publics (like customers, employees, investors, suppliers etc.), gain exposure to the audiences through public interest, new technologies and products.
  • Investor Relations

    provide comprehensive financial information and communicate to analysts, current and potential investors. Interested parties are welcome to contact Hip Lik for more information about the business partnership and the investment strategies.