Reduction of CO2 Emission


Global warming is causing great deal of natural disasters and economic losses due to burning of fossil fuels which dramatically increase CO2 emission. This long-term problem should be gradually reduced by the application of clean and sustainable renewable energy - bio-coal.

In order to launch a joint effort to reduce the global warming, many developed countries especially the Western countries are signatories of the Kyotol Protocol which requires them to use an X percentage of wood pellet or bio-coal to co-fire with fossil coal each year. This has helped reduce the global warming. Power station operators who failed to apply an X percentage of wood pellet or bio-coal to fire with fossil coal are forced to purchase carbon credit from the Carbon Exchange Market.

Realization of the seriousness of the global warming, other developing countries such as China, India tough are not part of the Kyotol Protocol's signatories are voluntarily reducing CO2 emission. The encouragement of the power station operators and other fossil coal users to partly co-fire with wood pellet or bio-coal will only be implemented if subsidies are provided in the long-run.